12 April 2011

Drop Everything...

...And Read.

At Books for Walls Project we like to say "everyday is a good day to read a book." And National D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything and Read) Day is "a special reading celebration to remind and encourage families to make reading together on a daily basis a family priority." So it makes great sense to celebrate this wonderful day --which is on April 12th in honor Beverly Cleary, who turns 95 this year.

BFWP Reader and friend Maureen with Ramona
at the Beverly Cleary Sculpture Garden
which is near the real Klickitat Street! 
Today --wherever you are-- we invite you to DROP EVERYTHING AND READ. The Sisters and The Mom are planning to read a WHOLE book out loud together --what are you reading right now? Click here and take the challenge. Or tell us about a favorite childhood book, take The Little Sister's very first challenge the Childhood in a Book Challenge.

For more fun with Beverly Cleary:
Stop by tomorrow for a new challenge!


  1. Thank you for posting the info about Beverly Cleary. I grew up reading the Ramona books and now my daughter Eva has made it her mission to read the entire series (including the Henry Huggins books:-). We are going to send Ms. Cleary a letter today! Tonight Eva will be reading Henry and the Paper Route by Beverly Cleary and I will be reading The Light Years by Elizabeth Jane Howard - we try to DEAR as often as possible.

  2. love this!! because we OFTEN drop everything and read (who cares about a clean house?!)...

    we love beverly cleary - what a lovely section you've got on her. we saw ramona and beezus (the play) in minneapolis a few years ago, LOVED it.

    reading together? vespers rising! WHOO!!