19 April 2011

Books for Walls Project: In the News!

Karin Beery styling a Books for
Walls Project shot! for more on
Karin visit her website
A few weeks ago we met with a lovely writer named Karin Beery. The Sisters are getting very good at interviews, last year they were interviewed by Erin Crowell of the Northern Express and Linda Stephan of Interlochen Public Radio. (Our interview with IPR includes a surprising response from NPR/WAMU Radio's Diane Rehm when The Mom asked her about her favorite childhood book, definitely worth a listen click here.) These three women have introduced a wonderful perspective on the media to The Sisters and shared a little about what the do everyday. With each new interview the girls have learned more about they way things work out in the world of newspapers and radio (Thanks for the education Karin, Erin and Linda!) 

The Sisters were very impressed with Karin --she could type and listen, "she types sooooooo fast!" This latest interview left the Four of Us more focused on our mission to support literacy, libraries and book love --in this past year we have learned so much about the need to support our libraries and we plan to do just that. Watch for our posts to keep you updated on what is happening at our libraries. We also learned that Karin Beery is a fellow bibliophile; we gave her a Books For Walls Project book journal and that night she went home, started writing in her journal and sent us a photo of her reading her latest book (thanks Karin, we LOVE these photos --send more anytime!)

This week the Grand Traverse Insider published the lovely article that Karin spun from our hour and a half long interview. The interview begins with this fact: "Recent Michigan MEAP results showed improvement in math and science, but decreased scores in reading." The Books for Walls Project is also about supporting literacy and as B.F. Skinner said, "we shouldn't teach great books; we should teach a love of reading." But how do you teach a child to love reading? That is something we'll continue to explore here at the project. We suggest a simple plan, grab the nearest child and a book and start reading --that simple. If you don't have a book handy, then head to the library! Read the full article, click here

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Tomorrow: Get Seussy with us --come back for the latest reading challenge!


  1. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Thanks for the kind words and the links! I've made good use of my reading journal - I love being able to remind myself of why I did/didn't like a book. Thanks for giving me one!

  2. I bumped into The Mom at Oryana recently. Mom heard me quote Wordsworth words 'laughing daffodils'. Her daughter had just submitted that very poem for a project, I think...Mom gave me her card and here I am. You all have a beautiful work here and I thank you. Laughing Daffodil. xoxo

  3. Thank you Karin!!

    And Welcome Ardi here is a link to the poem The Big Sister shared click here (it is in the comments!) We'll look forward to seeing you at BFWP!