02 February 2012

The Cuddle Up and Read Challenge

"We read to know that we are not alone."

C.S. Lewis
The Little Sister reading and cuddling with The Cat
(Photo subject to Copyright)
The Little Sister has been plotting this Challenge for a while. You see, she is a Cuddler. Her favorite pastime is cuddling and a close second is reading --so cuddling and reading, well that is simply heaven for her.

This challenge has options: 
share your favorite books to cuddle up and read, 
share books to read aloud while cuddled up,
share your favorite place to cuddle up and read. 
By all means spend a moment cuddled up and enjoy reading! 
And then take the challenge and share your thoughts with 
The Little Sister she'd LOVE 
to hear from YOU!


  1. Oh, Little Sister, this one is simple for me:

    any book I am cuddled up with you and The Big Sister is my favorite! So I need to make a WHOLE LIST. I will study the bookshelves and begin a long, long list!

    Great Challenge and Great Photo, you and The Cat are too cute!

    The Mom

  2. Fairy Tales. Any and ALL.

    I wait for little children to visit --friend's kids, nieces and nephews and then we do cuddle up and read.

    By myself I like a puffy chair, a BIG mug of hot something and a big heavy book. I am reading Wonderstruck right now already almost done

  3. Anonymous5:27 PM

    I love to read on the couch that looks out into our backyard with a big cozy blanket. Chance likes to snuggle up beside me and we sit there together: me reading and Chance just a snuggley doggie furnace until I get too hot and have to ask him to move to the floor. : ) I like reading just about any book this way. The current book I am reading is Happiness for Two and I think it even has a chapter about cuddling!

  4. I am enjoying a self-published book written by “Aunt” Connie, (Constance Young, Inscape, a Search for Meaning) a wonderful woman who lived in the upstairs flat of my family’s home (and The Mom & Margie’s) in Detroit years ago. Aunt Connie had a magnificent adventuresome life, but the folks she loved the best were the little ones downstairs!

    Aunt Connie would have loved to snuggle with the Little Sister!

  5. I like to cuddle up with my wife, Rachel, and son, Juanes, on our futon, next to the wood stove, and read fantasy novels. This is one of my favorite winter mactivities.

  6. Well it being the cozying-up season & all, I appreciate this challenge emphatically! [Thank you Little Sister]! My little sister gifted me a favorite book of hers this past Christmas, and I have been enjoying snuggling under the down comforters (where my sweet pooch Ruby comes to snuggle near my knees!) and reading all about The Weird Sisters, written by Eleanor Brown. Being a former English major who happens to have a copy of The Riverside Shakespeare, the lovely Andreas family regularly incorporates pieces of Shakespeare's prose (sonnets, etc) in their daily conversations... the story itself, the fact that their made up of three sisters (and the uncanny similarities between my own family & the Andreas'), and the lovely way that Brown writes from the perspective of all three at once (simply brilliant!), is all rather delicious.

  7. I must say...one of my favorite challenges so far. Maybe because one of MY favorite things to do is CUDDLE and READ and READ&CUDDLE!!!! weeee!
    And, you know, I'm not picky about a certain book. I'm just picky about having a book that really sucks you in. You know…when you suddenly realize that you have been reading uninterrupted for an hour because your book is so fascinating. You have become a part of the story and it has become a part of you.

    Love, The Bibliophile

    Also, If I may give some advice to all reader/cuddlers: make sure you ALWAYS have someone in your life to read out loud to you! We must NEVER think we are too old to be read to. It is the best. Especially when tea or hot chocolate and a fireplace is involved...

  8. Anonymous2:33 PM

    The Farmer says, Winnie the Pooh is about the best one to cuddle with. Perhaps as nice is Rutabaga Tales by Carl Sandburg. Can't wait to cuddle and read with you guys!

  9. I love to cuddle up in bed and read a bunch of different books. Right now the Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling is my favorite one to read.