06 February 2012

What are You Reading RIGHT NOW? Winter 2012

The Big Sister came up with this challenge way back in May of 2010 and it was so popular that we decided to make it a regular feature. So come by often and share what you are reading! This challenge is a great place to learn about new and old good books to read, so enjoy the comments too!

Nice and simple: tell The Books for Walls Project what you are reading  --whether a newspaper, a magazine, a book-on-tape, or just a good old fashioned book.
Take a moment check out all of our challenges. Bookmark it and take a challenge whenever you have an urge to find or to share a good book or story: The Books for Walls Project Complete List of Challenges.

So, What are you Reading Right Now? Tell us in the comments below:


  1. I have to admit life has been so busy I am not keeping up with my reading... thankfully the quiet calm of winter is coming.

    Here is my stack of current reads:

    Glimpses of Grace by Madeleine L'Engle Daily quotes and passages all pulled from Madeleine's books. The Bean gave it to me for my 40th b-day!

    Living Simply with Children by Marie Sherlock I bought this a few years back and re-read highlights during the autumn before the holidays, to help keep us focused. There are some lovely suggestions and wisdom to help navigate through living with kiddos!

    A Voice of One's Own: Conversations with America's Writing Women by Mickey Pearlman and Katherine Usher Henderson an amazing collection of profiles of inspired authors, all real human beings with life and history and oh, so much wisdom to share.

    Disgrace by J.M. Coetzee Just started, 20 pages in, no opinion yet...

  2. Anonymous5:31 PM

    The Mom is typing for me! The Little Sister... I'm still working on typing (and writing).

    Mom is reading me Night of the New Magicians --it's a Magic Tree House, we listened to the book on tape already, but I LOVE reading with Mom!

  3. I am reading "Homelessness: How to end the national crisis" by Jack Layton, a man who died far too soon. For such a painful subject it is a very readable book.

    Also "Bad Girl Creek" by Jo-Ann Mapson. Our library home page suggests books we might like based on our past choices and this title intrigued me. I am about half way through and enjoying it. Chick lit for sure but well done.

    Our Book club is reading "Fauna" by Alyssa York this month. Seriously great book so far.

  4. The Librarian6:07 PM

    Madeline L'engle is the best--and I love what Little Sister is reading--may I suggest Kate DiCamillo's Mercy Watson Series for you as well.

    I like The Mom, am reading more books than I have time for--and several magazines. Eyes bigger than my time and all that. As follows:
    Too many bosses, too few leaders, the art of being a true leader by Rajeeve Peshawaria.

    Fantastic Women: 18 tales of the surreal and the sublime from Tin House.

    The Captain's Daughter by Peter David (a Star Trek Novel about the death of Demora Sulu).

    Nemi (v. 2) by Lisa Myhre. A book of comic strips with wry observations on life as a goth twenty or thirty something.

    Wicked Game by Jeri Smith Ready. Paranormal urban fantasy and while I just started this one, don't know if I will go beyond the 50 test pages yet...

    And then the annual autumnal collection of Ray Bradbury stories is calling--what will it be this year? Golden Apples of the Sun? October Country? We'll see....

  5. the love goddess's cooking school - set in maine, with recipes, italian food, and family. LOVE it!!

  6. Like so many above, I am reading several books at the same time. It has its ups and its downs. Here's the list though...

    "Outlander" by Diana Gabaldon
    "Spy Glass" by Maria V. Snyder
    "Outside In" by Maria V. Snyder
    "Game of Thrones" by George R.R Martin
    and (still (and perhaps forever))
    "Anna Karenina" by Leo Tolstoy

  7. P.S. I wrote about you guys in my blog the other day!


    Also, I mentioned you guys to a new editor in town. I'm hoping she'll do a story on you guys.

  8. The Accidental Librarian2:52 PM

    Just finished the Wednesday Letters, Jason F. Wright. Cute but predictable.

    Just finished listening to First Man: The Life of Neil A. Armstrong, James R. Hansen…listened to it to make early morning chores in the dark more entertaining…but now when I look at grain and goat fencing, I think of Neil. Does anybody else have that side effect of listening to books on tape???

    And thanks to a recent visit to the fine Traverse City Public Library (did you know they have three shelves worth of astronaut books??) I’m on to The Last Man on the Moon. Ha!

  9. CalCuz4:37 PM

    Just finished re-reading 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' (the first 'chapter' book I ever read with my Mom!) Just started re-reading 'Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator'

  10. I am reading Leaving Cold Sassy by Olive Ann Burns. After finishing Cold Sassy Tree, I was compelled to check its sequel out from the library. The sequel is really only a 15 chapter first draft because Burns was losing her battle with cancer as she wrote it. It was her wish that the chapters make it out to her readers so that we could get a glimpse of what happened to Will Tweedy and the other characters. Burns was a wonderfully talented writer.

  11. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Currently reading Goliath by Scott Westerfeld.

  12. I just finished a charming read, Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand by Helene Simonson.

    The book, set in a small English country-side village, is about a witty older English gentleman and a refined yet gutsy woman from Pakistan. They fall in love through their mutual passion for and joy of good teas and reading. Themes handled well include the inconsistencies of modern society, the wane of established gentry as well as racial prejudice.

    My book club has started again so it is officially fall! Happy reading, Books for Walls!

  13. Lynn Barrett11:43 AM

    Right now I am reading 'Best Loved Poems'.

  14. Lynn Barrett3:35 PM

    Now that I've found an easier way to post - What I'm reading now, before I give it away, is Best-Loved Poems edited by Neil Philip. In the section titled "Of War and Peace" I came across this gem by Rudyard Kipling that seems uncannily appropriate to our own times as well:

    "Common Form"

    If any question why we died,
    Tell them, because our fathers lied.

  15. The Sisters and The Mom just finished:
    The Two Princesses of Bamarre
    by Gail Carson Levine

    We loved it and now we are reading Half Magic by Edward Eager

    The Dad is reading: Dead on the Island by Bill Crider --on his iPhone using the OverDrive App from the Library --very exciting!

    The Mom is reading Hamlet's Blackberry She will have a bunch more to say about it!!

    We've taken a break from posting and now we are back --we wanted to see if we'd miss the BFWP and we sure did... slowly we'll add all the changes and new articles and challenges we've come up with!

    So happy to be back!!

  16. I just finished reading FINDING OUR FATHERS by Samuel Osherson. My mom gave copies to me and to my three brothers in 1987, to help us understand our Dad. I was finally ready, and it was excellent. A worthwhile read for anyone with a father, perhaps especially if there is any disappointment or distance.

  17. Reading aloud:

    Dragon Rider
    by Cornelia Funke!

    Very exciting to start a book recommended by our good friends --they also introduced us to The Keepers (what a great series!)

  18. I just finished reading
    The Will of the Empress by Tamora Pierce. It is one of a series of many which features four mages. My favorite is a stitch witch, who has power of fabrics!

    and just started a book called Envy which is about a young woman of society in New York.

  19. Lynn Barrett3:55 PM

    I am rereading the Wisdom of the Sands by Antoine St. Exupery, which I haven't read for at least 40 years. It's challenging and speaks to my spirit ~ well worth revisiting.

    Happy New Year! 2012

  20. Last night I was itching for a new fresh book and so I did what one year ago was unthinkable for me --I bought an e-book.


    Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer so far it is amazing Oskar's (the main character) voice is true/honest/easy to read and I have a feeling I will read it very fast...

  21. Meghan Coyle12:36 AM

    Wow. I'm reading a really good book right now! It's called Divergent by Veronica Roth. In the society the main character, Beatrix, lives in, there are 5 (or 4) separate classes that Beatrix has to choose from when she turn 16. The class she choses from is the class she will stay with for life.

    This is such a good book! It's very shocking of what happens and I love books that aren't predictable! Happily, there is a 2nd book to the series. I'm very excited to finish this book! :)