24 June 2011

Get the Scoop at Your Library: Library Book Sale 101

Who: YOU
What: Library Book Sales
Where: A Library Near You (Find a sale in the USA)
Why: To raise funds for the library and engage community in the library.
How: People donate books, volunteers and/or library staff organize a sale.
We are going to let you in on a BIG BIG BIG secret, ready? The BEST BEST BEST Library Book Sale is happening this weekend. Every Summer Interlochen Public Library's wonderful Friends of IPL organize and host a book sale. 
Volunteers with the Friends of Interlochen Public Library
and The Big Sister
Here is the secret: for $10 you can join the Friends and then you get to go to the Preview Sale on Thursday and get FIRST Pick! (Click here to join the Friends of Interlochen Library, you'll be glad you did!) 
The Sisters browsing the amazing selection on Preview Night! 
Another reason to join the Friends,
the crowd is MUCH lighter on Preview Night!
Last night The Mom, The Big Sister, and The Little Sister hit the Preview Sale and for $50.50 we loaded up on books (each of us filled a bag!) This weekend The Dad needs to build another book shelf!
The Big Sister's Treasure

The Mom found over 50 books for $36.50!
Please join the Interlochen Public Library for their 25th annual Book Sale. Friday, June 24th from 9am to 8pm and on Saturday, June 25th from 9am to 3pm. Support Children's programs at the library. For additional infor call 231.276.6767 http://www.interlochenpubliclibrary.org/index.htm Don't live in Northern Michigan? No worries, find a library book sale near you or call your library and ask!

Have you taken a challenge lately? No time like the present, click here and get started! Want to help Save Troy Public Library --click this link and share it with 2 friends! Have a wonderful weekend! Happy Reading.

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