June 29, 2011

The Cinquain Your Book Challenge

In the tradition of the Haiku Your Book Challenge and because it's been a while since we talked poetry, we came up with the Cinquain Your Book Challenge!

What is a Cinquain? According to poets.org "The cinquain, also known as a quintain or quintet, is a poem or stanza composed of five lines." Five lines, you can write that... Five lines about a book. 

You can use some of the tried and true cinquain forms or just go for it. Here are a few helpful hints...
--Try this idea from types-of-poetry.org.uk:
Line 1 one word (the title)
Line 2 two words that describe the title.
Line 3 three words that tell the action
Line 4 four words that express the feeling
Line 5 one word that recalls the title
Your Book,
think about it,
compose your heart out.

--If you want to get really creative, check out lots of options: click here for the Wiki page on Cinquain.
--Just write five lines, example:
(A Cinquain by The Mom)
by Ingrid Law

We change don't we?
Around 13.
We find out that deep inside,
We each,
Are magic.
--Five lines, you can do it:
A poem
About a book
Get creative
Have fun
Take the Cinquain Your Book Challenge! 

Now go ahead, grab a book and write your cinquain in the comments below!


  1. Book: When You Reach Me
    by Rebecca Stead


    In Line
    On a Shelf
    Your Turn is Coming

    (I picked up this book and cannot wait to read it, but first we have to finish A Swiftly Tilting Planet, but The Sisters wanted to read Penderwick's aloud... I see it waiting, every morning, right next to my computer...)

  2. nature lover8:50 AM

    Butterflies of Michigan
    by Jaret Daniels

    (I didn't know what book to pick, so I took the last one I touched!!)

    To attract butterflies
    we planted Bergamot
    flowers bloom
    opened book
    identified a Tiger Swallowtail!

    This is fun, I will be back!!!