03 March 2011

Amazing Minds: Adora Svitak

The Sisters watched Adora's TED talk yesterday and were "wowed." Adora Svitak is an amazing person. (Notice: I do not say young person, I do not say girl, I say PERSON.) Her ability to share, speak, write, publish and inspire --left all of us feeling ready to work hard and listen. Follow Adora's blog to learn more.

And in other news:

We wondered how long it took to make "Organizing the Bookshelf" the wonderful stop motion film we posted last week.  And so, we found and then contacted the creators!
Sean Ohlenkamp and Lisa Blonder Ohlenkamp and they were happy to share insights:
"I think the actual photography of our video took something like 11 hours if you exclude the breaks we took, and then a couple more hours of selecting the music and editing the video in After Effects (Sean did all of the computer stuff - I have no idea how the computer side of it works). Stop motion definitely requires patience."

The Teacher's grand-daughter who came into the world yesterday morning: Welcome to the world sweet baby, we're giddy to share books and stories with you!


  1. People like Adora and YOU all sure do make the world a little brighter. Glad I found you today...

  2. Norma GC4:34 PM

    I am extremely sorry that I didn't check out deepley this site the first time I visited it, I have now and I LOVE IT! (so does my husband) Thank you for creating such a marvelous resource for all ages and all sort of interests, keep on the good work, now I'll become a regular visitor.

  3. Welcome, Welcome!!

    A little personal note from The Mom: I am giddy that Norma and her husband love the website!!

    Norma and I met just about 20 years ago working together with children just outside of New York City. We worked together for two summer and although we haven't seen each other since then our friendship continues --spanning the Atlantic (Norma and her family love just outside of Paris.) Welcome to The Books for Walls Project, dear friend --so happy to have you!!