19 November 2010

Book to Movie: First Snow in the Woods

The Traverse City Children's Book Festival was all about connecting. Connecting with young readers; connecting with those that who aren't exactly readers (one man explained to The Mom, "I am not really a reader, but I want to be... what do you suggest?" That was a priceless conversation); connecting with people who have followed BFWP that we had never met; connecting with young, old and all ages in between; connecting with people in the book business and connecting with all that inspiration. 
At the festival we noticed that if you are able to connect with your audience, they'll hear your message and then take it out into their world. Carl Sams II and Jean Stoick have mastered this skill: as have Laura and Robert Sams, the sister/brother creative team who brought Carl and Jean's books to life. We had an opportunity to watch them work and talk with them --and in those brief moments we recognized that these folks have realized their calling. We connected with them and are happy to pass their message along.

The Sisters with Carl Sams II
and Jean Stoick
First The Sisters met Carl and Jean, creators of the In the Woods Series: Stranger in the Woods, Lost in the Woods and First Snow in the Woods. We shared our story: Stranger in the Woods and The Big Sister are both ten years old. The Big Sister lives in woods and she came to mind when friends and family saw Stranger in the Woods. Consequently, The "Year Old" Big Sister received four copies of Stranger in the Woods, from as far away as Arizona! Then Carl shared stories with us. He is certainly a great storyteller and Jean's smile leaves an indelible impression. They signed The Little Sister's copy of First Snow in the Woods --a Christmas present from The Bean back in 2007--then gave The Sisters a lovely poster that now graces their playroom. In short, these two left us with a huge urge to grab a camera and head into the woods.

The amazingly talented Robert and Laura Sams
with The Big Sister. 
To bring them to your school, click here. 
The Mom highly recommends them!
The City Opera House is the kind of place that, especially when full, can be very loud. The constant cacophony of conversation, children and occasional squeals of delight  hushed when Robert and Laura Sams took the stage. Many of the children recognized them from their activity table where they assisted children in coloring and creating their own animal crowns (see Laura's in photo.The Mom was captured by their brother/sister chemistry. These two have an ability to work together in a way that just draws everyone in... and they did. 

Once they had the crowd in the palm of their hands, the lights dimmed and we watched another thing that Laura and Robert are very good at... making movies! Watch the preview:

The BFWP Quick First Snow in the Woods Movie Review:
The Dad: "It was very well done. I would watch it again--happily."
The Little Sister: "I loved it. It was just so cute, I loved the chipmunk and the voices!"
The Mom: "I was so busy working the festival that I missed all but the very end which I thought was simply brilliant. Fortunately, there is a copy in our family so I can watch it again and again with The Sisters."
The Bean: “The wildlife and nature scenes were stunningly beautiful, while the storyline handled the scarecrow’s fear of change cleverly, in an endearing way. Loved it. I even bought a copy for a Christmas gift!”
The Big Sister: "I love all of the footage of all the wild animals. I love how (Laura and Robert) take an  animal's chewing and make it look like they are talking or singing! I love that they can capture so much wildlife on video! I love the movie." 
On Fridays at BFWP we often discuss whether a book is better than a movie, or vice versa. In this case The Four of Us completely agree that First Snow in the Woods, the book and First Snow in the Woods, the movie 
are both entirely wonderful...

We hope that we have connected with you, Dear Readers, 
and that you enjoyed this our message!

**Just a quick final story, a wonderful coincidence: Friends and family know that we love books and once in a while a magical package arrives. Just such a treasure was delivered on this Wednesday and would you believe it included a book with photos by Carl Sams II and Jean Stoick! Thanks Aunt Linda and Uncle Rick! Ahhhh, isn't connecting wonderful?
Once Child, One Planet
by Bridget McGovern Llewellyn
photos by Carl Sams II and Jean Stoick

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