20 October 2010

The Reading Group/Book Club Challenge

October is National Reading Group Month.

We challenge you to 
join, or 
a reading group or book club.

Do you know tips on how to find a book club? Have you successfully started a reading group? Do you know of a book/website that explains book club/reading group 101? Do you have a favorite reading group? How are books for reading groups selected? What is the right age to start a kids reading group? Do you have a favorite reading group or book club?

Tell The Books for Walls Project readers what you know about Book Clubs and Reading Groups in the comments below:


  1. In honor of Reading Group Month I decided to do something new and read books from BIG reading groups --I picked Freedom by Jonathan Franzen from Oprah's Book Club and Dreamers of the Day from Traverse City Reads.

    I like that I felt a sense of urgency to finish, I usually have several books going at a time and this time I finished each book before picking up another, what a novel idea!

    The Sisters and I will comment soon about the Book Club we are starting!

    Looking forward to reading your insights into book clubs!

  2. The Librarian3:52 PM

    Ah, not an easy task! I've tried to run one through the library, but in a way, it was forcing folks who happen to attend regularly to unite, when they would rather have random book conversations with fellow patrons they run into at the library. We made it through 1 book!

    I do have a friend, however, who belonged to a radaical women book club. I love that! It just goes to show that you can pick a fun theme and run with it.

    I'd like to hear brainstorms of children's book clubs any of you have!

  3. Currently The BFWP is my book club. I can't keep up with all the great suggestions from you readers!

  4. For folks who love to read, but may not find local groups easily, good online book clubs are heaven! Check out The Reading Cove! Well established, going strong for over 10 years! Small, but cozy group with lots of book-related games and activity.

  5. Children's Books Clubs, Great topic Librarian! Three of the Four of Us decided to take the challenge and START a book club.

    We are getting together a Mother-Daughter book club --with a twist-- an attendee does not have to come with their mother or daughter, just BE a mother or daughter.

    And all of the books we will choose have a girl empowerment theme. Our first selection is Game of Silence by Louise Erdrich.

    The Mom will post soon on all of the books we are using to help us form the club --there are some amazing book clubs out there.