Movie Friday: Movies Based on Banned Books!

The Sisters and The Dad just arrived home from Interlochen Public Library --bags full and arms loaded with books, books-on-tape and movies! The Dad grabbed Golden Compass as a possible movie night selection he recalled the book, read the cover and since The Sisters are into this "type of book/movie" thought it would be a great choice.

Well, The Mom did a little research and it struck out. Strike One: PG-13, Strike Two: Violence, Strike Three: "children in constant peril". Given those descriptors the The Sisters vetoed it, but we have a feeling they will enjoy the book when they are older and then they can watch the movie --maybe we'll read it aloud so that we can cross each bridge as we come to them, together! P.S. Golden Compass is suggested for ages 12-18.

For fun we decided to look up Golden Compass and sure enough, it's been challenged...and, yes, banned. This Movie Friday we'd just planned to post a fun list of banned books made into movies --but our post-library scenario was to perfect, we had to share-- it is a good example of how we are constantly weighing what is appropriate for each of us. We realized there sure have been some great movies based on banned books --any favorites?

Thankfully we have back up: Cold Comfort FarmBee Movie or what The Sisters are voting for: more Lois and Clark Reruns. Usually The Sisters win! Hey, we wonder... has Superman ever been banned?

Happy Weekend!

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  1. ooh, we love this book and the movie! As adults though...