20 January 2012

Get the Scoop! At Your Library: S.O.P.A and P.I.P.A

Introducing a new feature here at Books for Walls Project: Get the Scoop! At Your LibraryWe decided to share research we do, at the library, on timely topics. Enjoy. And please let us know if you have ideas for future features!

No, PIPA and SOPA are not children's book characters or soap or soup. We looked to the American Library Association and a few trusted library websites for help. Here is what we learned:

The letters stand for:




We like the perspective in this letter written by writers, musicians and artists, including author and library advocate Neil Gaiman and the band OK Go (click here for their super fun Rube Goldberg Machine video):
"We urge Congress to exercise extreme caution and ensure that the free and open Internet, upon which so many artists rely to promote and distribute their work, does not become collateral damage in the process." Read full text here
In her letter, posted on The District DispatchCorey Williams, Associate Director of the  Office of Government Relations for the American Library Association Washington Office, explained the American Library Association's position:
  "The ALA is on the record having taken a strong stance in opposition to these bills and we also constructed the PIPA, SOPA and OPEN Act Quick Reference Guide (see below).  In addition, the ALA deplores any legislation that would incentivize and likely increase surveillance of online activity promoted by these bills.  These bills, if passed, would likely blanket Internet activity with an immediate chilling effect – on first amendment free speech rights, intellectual freedom and privacy rights, among others."
The Reference Guide created by the ALA mentioned above, click here to open a PDF with links, click the photo to make them LARGER:

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  1. Great post, but Corey is actually a woman (re: 'In his letter, posted on District Dispatch').

  2. Ahhhhh! Thank you SO Much! Correction MADE!