21 September 2011

1/3 Challenge (The Clean Your Bookshelves Challenge!)

This week the Four of Us decided that we needed to make some changes. We live in  a lovely little house in the woods, but there is just too much stuff, and clutter is a surefire way to make space feel small. So we are clearing out 1/3 of our stuff, just giving it away.
The Big Sister letting
books GO!
We decided to invite our readers to join us and clear off your bookshelves! Can you give away every 3rd book? It is hard, but once you begin it gets easier. We grab a book we wonder, most of the time it just sits here, would this book live a happier life if we gave it to the library? And libraries could really use our support these days. And once you clear your bookshelves, you can start filling them again ;)

The Little Sister clearing
the shelves (don't worry
we won't get rid of The Cat!
So far it's been liberating... watch out library and Goodwill, here we come! Are you up for the 1/3 Challenge? Join us, it really is fun...


  1. A Little Update: we currently have 6 grocery bags full of books waiting by the door... very exciting since we are only about half way through the books...

  2. I love a good clean out, when brisbane flooded even though we were safe it inspired us to give away what we thought others needed more. Many books left us in that cull. working in a library I prefer not to own books but what I did decide nearly 20 years ago is that given I own three nice silky oak bookshelves that would be the sum total of my book collection. so I can never own more books than will fit in the three, so when I die those shelves will hold my most favourite books of all time.

  3. I got rid of many beloved books the last time I moved. I don't think it was 1/3, but it was a lot more than I thought I could. I admit, I was pretty sad to get rid of some books I'd had for more than half my life, but I donated some and sold some, and that made our moving day just a little bit easier. Some books I'll keep forever though! :)

  4. Letting go of books is sometimes hard for me. I have many books that I received as a child and now read with my own children - some that are sadly out of print.

    But...all that said, I really do like to give away books I have read to friends and family. Passing along a book that I think someone I know will enjoy gives me a fabulously warm feeling. I like knowing that the words will be touched by new eyes and not left to grow dusty.

  5. we just cleaned out - although not so many books. LOL! we gave 4 huge boxes of books to the library - esp travel guides we'd reviewed. they were so happy!!

    brava - keep up the good work!

  6. I just cleaned out my books last month, and although I am not sure if I got rid of a third, I had one of those giant reusable bags from TJ Maxx filled.

    However, then borders went out of business and I'm pretty sure I got at least 16 books! So, once again, my shelf is over flowing. I only have the one though. I promise to go back through them at the end of the year when I have had more of a chance to read them.

    I must read them!

  7. If you have any that would be middle school worthy we'd welcome them at Greenspire too :) We are gradually detaching enough to relocate some of ours there. Good luck on all the clearing out!

  8. Okay, that was funny Birch Point Farm Trial Blog is not in fact dear Michelle, but the Ohs!