22 December 2010

The No Challenge Challenge...

During the busyness of this season we invite you do to stop and do nothing... 

Yes, we are sneaking away from our duties here at BFWP to just enjoy being.  But we will be back next year with loads of wonderful challenges and food to feed your reading soul.

For now we share these photos The Mom took of this week's Solstice Lunar Eclipse.

Many Blessings
The Four of Us

Full Moon

The shadow begins!

A little more...

We liked the way the moon looked nested in our big Oak tree.

The Mom was the only one who managed to stay up!

But The Big Sister woke for this part!



Gone! And just about then the clouds thickened and
the moon disappeared completely! What a way to celebrate
Winter Solstice!


  1. Thank you "The Mom" for sharing this Solstice/Christmas/Awe-moment with us. For this brief time, the moon appears "gone', but we know that Goodness and Light are ALWAYS there, surrounding us. Peace!

  2. We heard of the Winter Solstice in Korea, thanks for sharing another perspective as we missed it in the city of clouds on the coast (: Happy Holidays, Mi Sung and Matthew have a long list of books on our shelves, hopefully they will list them here. Peace!

  3. Good to hear from You Four in Korea! Looking forward to hearing what you are reading and seeing your faces one day soon! Happy 2011