10 November 2011

Best of BFWP: The Sidekick Challenge

Our Sidekick
This week's Challenge is brought to you by The Dog. We realized it was time to let him get a chance to share what he thinks is important...

So, let's talk sidekicks. What is a sidekick? The Big Sister says, "a sidekick is the main character's buddy, sometimes real, sometimes imagined and very important!" The Dog is definitely a sidekick --or are we HIS sidekicks?

The Big Sister helped The Dog work out the details of this week's challenge and both Sisters helped him go incognito for his photo, they decided to forgo the regular "Behind the Book Pose" and chose instead a wig, scarf and sunglasses. (Very nice, no?)

Take the Sidekick Challenge:
Tell us about a sidekick
in a book you love
--or tell us a story
about your
favorite sidekick!


  1. I wholeheartedly recommend Calvin and Hobbes as a good cartoon with a sidekick in it! I have nearly all of the Calvin and Hobbes books now and already I have read almost every strip there is and my my family agrees with me that these are our favorite cartoons!!

    We were late with the Challenge today because I had another new more --more exciting than last adventure we posted on the Adventure Challenge, click here to read it!

  2. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Typed for the Little Sister by the Mom:

    We are reading some books that have the BEST Sidekick --he is a monkey named Boroba! He belongs to a girl named Nadia, just like my sister! But this Nadia can understand him! I think really think he is cute and I would like to have a little monkey like him.

    Boroba is a character in the Trilogy by Isabelle Allende --we are currently on book 2, The City of Beasts!

  3. "Elementary, my dear ..." How about Dr. Watson, sidekick to Sherlock Holmes?

  4. Thanks Puck! How about Christopher Robin and Pooh Bear! Dear Big Sis…you and the Thinker are brave young adults! Peace and Healing Prayers!

  5. Well, there's Sancho Panza, wonderfully foolish enough to follow Don Quixote. But how could we not include Jiminy Cricket (to Pinocchio) and Tinkerbell (to Peter Pan). For Puck, what about Yukon king to Sgt. Preston or Pluto to Mickey Mouse? Good Lord! How about HARVEY? (You CAN see him, right?) How often are these sidekicks really the balance of the main character, sometimes checking their ego?

  6. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Who can forget the faithful Samwise Gamgee for Frodo Baggins?

  7. I love chet the dog in spencer quinn's Little PI series, and of course cats Mrs Murphy & Pewter with the corgi tee tucker who star in rita mae brown's co-authored books with sneaky pie.

  8. love this! i've been thinking about Charley, of Steinbeck's Travels with Charley. Is he the sidekick? hmm...

  9. I'm thinking Ron Weasly to the oh-so-infamous Harry Potter. Of course, I think Harry Potter really had two sidekicks with Hermione Granger on his other side.