30 August 2010

Book of the Week: Soul of a Chef

The soul of a chef : the journey toward perfection
Soul of a Chef
by Michael Ruhlman

I (The Mom) read Soul of a Chef several years ago and enjoyed every savory word  --the good, the amazing and the downright retched (anyone who has pulled their hair from a ponytail after the dinner shift --hoping to escape the fast paced work behind the line, only to realize that hair, skin, and clothes are completely saturated in restaurant --you cannot get away, even in dreams the orders, and the odors, of a chef's kitchen haunt.)

Our copy of Soul of a Chef is a magical one, we've loaned it countless times and somehow it always ends up back in our hands. Like the secret of  a passed down recipe, this book has a preciousness and whomever reads and truly digests it, understands why. Happily, this week the book found its way back, again --its been a few years and I have missed it-- we plan to read passages to the girls and share bits and pieces with them this week. Come back to Books for Walls Project on Wednesday and you will understand why!

Soul of a Chef is a yummy escape into the lives of those who choose food to be their lives. Ruhlman gives his readers an unreal glimpse into three culinary experiences, behind the scenes, at The Culinary Institute of America, Lola Restaurant in Cleveland and The French Laundry in California. Once you read Soul of a Chef you will never look at chefs, dining out, or restaurant life the same way!

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