29 December 2011

Best of BFWP: The Favorite Character Challenge

(We're continuing our Best of Books for Walls Project as we get things lined up for the new year!!))

This week's challenge is from me, The Little Sister (Mom is typing for me.) Yesterday while we were swinging on the swings I thought of it! I want to know some of your Favorite Characters from books. 

We thought of so many. Big Sister and I looked for pictures with Mom to show you some of our favorites! Mom always reads Jamie O'Rourke with an Irish Brogue and she never gets tired of reading it.  I wish Tomie dePaola wrote more books about Jamie and Eileen -we didn't like the one about the Pooka as much.

One of my Big Sister's Favorite Characters is Enola Holmes. 

This cover image of "The Left Handed Lady" is from the Portuguese version of "O Caso da Senhorita Canhota", which translates "Miss Left Handed." We thought it was funny how titles don't always translate the same!

Tell us a favorite character. 

Please use the following format for your comment:

Title of Book, Author, the name of your Favorite Character and what you like (or don't like) about them.

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  1. My mind immediately FLOODED with books and I found that I couldn't come up with just one (or even two) many of my favorite characters blended into an amalgam of strength and courage that seem to be what make me remember and love a character.

    Meg from the Wrinkle in Time series --her strength and growing up and into her self. Nadia in Isabelle Allende's Forest of the Pygmies -adventure. Vianne in Chocolate -trust in being true to her spirit.

    I am seeing a pattern of girl strength... but I know it is more than that. I will look into it Little Sister and post more soon!

  2. Sheri, Dan, Mark and Shasha11:15 AM

    You mentioned Tomie dePaola and what came to mind immediately is STREGA NONA. Everyone in this house loves her.

  3. Noah, Journey and Carol1:20 PM

    Noah: Mr. Putter and Tabby are my favorite characters. Cynthia Rylant and Arthur Howard are the author and artists. I like the part where Zeke comes in with a radio and Mr. Putter says "Jiminy!"
    Journey: Hmm...well I think if I had to choose my favorite character it would be Kit Kitteridge an American Girl. (Author Valerie Tripp) I like her because she's not like a girl. She's more like me who's fiesty and she's got a lot of spunk. And she'll never sit with a mystery tapping on her back, she'll always turn around and face the problem. Also I like how she helps the hobos. Oh and I also like that she's a ten year old girl like me.

  4. Gabriel: The Secrets of Droon Series by Tony Abbott. My favorite character is Princess Keeah because she is brave and she always finishes what she starts. I like the powers that she has.

    Also, The Girl Who Could Fly by Victoria Forester. My favorite character is Conrad because he was very clever. I like how he was mean and he turned nice.

    Alyssa: The House with a Clock in its Walls by John Bellairs. My favorite character is Uncle Johnathon because he is very funny and humorous. I think it would be fun to have wizard for an uncle.

    Felicity's Story Collection by Valerie Tripp. Felicity likes horses just like I do and is determined to train Penny to get her away from Jiggy Nye. She's also spunky and independent.

    We could add so many more!

  5. So many but a few come to mind immediately. Miss Elizabeth Bennet from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. I love her intelligence and levity in a time when those qualities weren't so well valued in women.

    Also, Eva Luna in the book by that name by Isabell Allende. In the book Eva uses stories as currency to make her way on her own. She is strong and resilient in a world of little comfort. The follow up book, The Stories of Eva Luna, by Allende shares the stories that Eva told on her journeys.

    I will ask Eva and Lach and post their favorites too - great challenge Little Sister!

  6. River Woods Homeschool4:25 PM

    Michael: The American Girl: Kaya series by Janet Beeler Shaw. My favorite characters are Toe-Ta because he is a very kind leader, and Kaya because she is the main girl and she has a very creative mind.

    Sheri: So hard to choose! A recent favorite is "The Year of Miss Agnes" by Kirkpatrick Hill, with Miss Agnes as my favorite character. There were parts of the story that I needed to skip when reading it to my sons (the story takes place in Alaska where they need to hunt and trap animals, and my sons don't like to hear about that), but the way Miss Agnes taught and inspired the children in the village and opened their eyes to the world outside their village was beautiful. She is an inspiration to this homeschooling mom. :)

  7. I have to say that the characters that stick in my mind are the ones that I read about when I was Big Sister's age - Captain Ahab from Moby Dick, Huck Finn, Tom Sawyer and Jim from The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Maybe it's true because reading allowed me to paint my own mental pictures of them.

  8. I checked in with Eva and Lach and here are their answers.

    Eva (typed by mom) - Henry Huggins in the book Henry Huggins by Beverly Cleary. I like that Henry took such good care of his dog Ribsy and it was funny when he accidentally made Ribsy's fur pink.

    Lachlan (typed by mom) - Curious George in Curious George Wins a Medal by H.A. Rey because he gets to go to space!

  9. For me, all the friends in Hundred Acre Wood in Pooh Bear by A.A. Milne are the characters that remain most in my heart.

    The characters act like archetypes of humanity or many of the good sides of an individual person: Winnie-the-Pooh, Piglet. Christopher Robin, Tigger, Eeyore, Owl, Kanga with baby Roo, and Rabbit.

    Dear story and friends!

    PS I never read these books as a child and was so looking forward to reading them to my own children! Thanks Little Sister for this sweet memory!

  10. Anonymous7:05 PM

    Now that I am older...I love the dog character in the book "The Art of Racing in the Rain" by Garth Stein. Doggies have great eyes, paws, waggin tails and some have amazing old souls. You look at them and they know more than you do. They love you no matter what. They love to run, exercize and snif stuff. The stuff they snif, tells a story. It's true, our doggies know more than we do. ; )

  11. Eloise. from ELOISE by Kay Thompson.
    the first 4 or 5 lines define it ALL:
    i am Eloise.
    I am a city child.
    I live at the Plaza Hotel.
    I absolutely loooove room service
    -- and charge it, please!

    She's a free spirit, a force of nature, a tiny dervish, an impossible innocent and 6 kinds of trouble looking for anywhere to land!
    How could you NOT want to be her?

  12. I always loved Ramona and the Klickitat Street gang. Beverly Cleary could see the world through Ramona's eyes. Loved Henry Huggins, Ribsy the dog and the whole gang. Two years ago I visited Portland Oregon and I HAD to go to Klickitat street and to the Beverly Cleary park. There are statues of all my favorite characters. Here I am with Ramona.

  13. Hmmm, I didn't get a chance to post the picture.

  14. Hi Maureen Please send us the photo! I will post it for you... info@booksforwallsproject.org

  15. I have SOOOO many favorite characters its hard to list them all, but here is a few:

    Emma and Eadric, from Tales of the Frog Princess Series

    Nell, from The Keepers Series

    Petra from Chasing Vermeer, The Calder Game and Wright 3

    Gilda Joyce from her Series

    Anne from Anne of Green Gables

    And there are so many more!!!

  16. I didn't think I had a favorite character, but I really do: MERLIN. And he isn't just one character; he's many, depending on who's telling his story or how he's involved in someone else's.

  17. Boy... I have been very fond of many book characters. I'm going to rule out the ones who I liked mostly just because I developed a crush on them; granted those were all pretty great characters in many ways, but I also might be a little biased. This list is by now means exhaustive, but here's a few that come to mind:

    Vanyel from Mercedes Lackey's Last Herald-Mage Trilogy... Mercedes Lackey always creates compelling and identifiable characters, but I always felt a particular amount of compassion for Vanyel and I admired him. He showed a lot of personal growth throughout the story and I also liked his constant personal questioning; he was a little hard on himself, but I think it's good for people to strive for self-awareness, which Vanyel always did.

    Theo from Lloyd Alexander's Westmark trilogy... I liked that, despite getting caught up in all of the political activities and everything (and devoting himself to them), he remained basically just an ordinary and very sweet guy. I think that Theo remained true to himself.

    Patrick Harper from Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe series... What a great best friend! He may have just been a "sidekick" character, but he threw himself into the role very devotedly.

    Daine from Tamora Pierce's Immortals quartet... Mostly just because she can speak psychically to animals, and that's really cool! I appreciated her compassion for wild things - rather inevitable given her gift, but still, very noble. She always stood up for her beliefs.

  18. I always loved paddington bear because despite his big heart and best endeavours he would always get himself into a pickle, but those who love him would always get him out. I also adore Dougal and his sidekick Bumble from Dougal the garbage dump bear. They are just so cute, lovable and fun.

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  21. Oh wow...that's a hard one...I have several!

    Peeta Mellark-The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
    Maximum Ride-Maximum Ride by James Patterson
    Harry Potter-Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling
    Percy Jackson-The Percy Jackson Series by Rick Riordan


  22. Anonymous2:41 PM

    The dark is rising by Susan Cooper-
    Will, oh Will. He is really such a little boy but ends up with the weight of the world resting solely on his shoulders. And he manages, despite every obstacle, to learn how to use his powers and save the world.