29 July 2010

Another Reason to Love the Library and State Parks!

Thanks to The Dreamer for this tip.

Free park passes for Michigan readers:
"Park & Read allows library card-holders the ability to "check-out" a one-day pass into any Michigan state park or recreation area in lieu of the resident daily motor vehicle permit. This $6 savings also provides free access to the more than 500 events taking place in state parks throughout the summer."
And if that is not enough... how about a list of parks with hammocks for reading: Click here for the list!

For the full list of Michigan libraries participating in the Park and Read Program, click here.

Remember, being a library patron pays in so many ways --check out this handy Library Value Calculator if you have any doubts!


  1. I noticed when I took the time to read the lists for this last week that the Traverse City State Park is listed! Who knew they had hammocks! I seriously think the hammocks in state parks thing is one of the coolest truths ever!!!

    Watched Rory Kennedy's documentary "The Fence" last night (and got to listen to her sweet heart too!) and it made me very upset about how money is spent in our country... but this hammock thing redeems the ridiculousness somehow (in the tiniest way).

    Hammocks in state parks helps me believe that dreaming really is ok and that every once in awhile, smart decisions are made that make things better.

  2. We just gave The Poet our hammock for father's day(had to cut down a dying tree so we didn't have a spot for it.)

    So the invitation to public hammocks just seems too lovely. The Sisters cannot wait to go on a hammock hunt! We'll take pictures and share!!

  3. P.S. Interlochen and Traverse Area District Library are on the list!! So stop by and pick up your park pass!!