June 26, 2011

Why Read? Quotes to make it clearer.

Author Patrick Ness just won the Carnegie Medal for Monsters of Men,  "the third instalment in Ness's Chaos Walking series. The previous two books – The Knife of Never Letting Go and The Ask and the Answer – were shortlisted for the Carnegie in 2009 and 2010 – the first time in the prize's history that all the books in a series have been contenders." 

He used his acceptance speech as a moment to put the spotlight on Libraries and Librarians --nice work Patrick!
"Librarians open up the world," he said. "Knowledge is useless if you don't even know where to begin to look. How much more can you discover when someone can point you in the right direction, when someone can maybe even give you a treasure map, to places you may not have even thought you were allowed to go? This is what librarians do."

Read the full wonderful article from www.guardian.co.uk, click here.

The Mom just ordered his trilogy, cannot wait to begin reading! Read a bit of Monsters of Men here.