April 17, 2011

Why Read? Quotes to make it clearer. (New Dr. Suess: The Bippolo Seed!)

"Not too many bad things happen in picture books. If they do, they usually find their way to a happy resolution a the end. I like it that way. When I feel the morbid need for unpleasantness and despair, I can read the newspaper or watch the news on television or just look out my window. Picture books are a sanctuary from all that."  Arnold Lobel from his essay titled "A Good Picture Book Should..." from Celebrating Children's Books, edited by Betsy Hearne and Marilyn Kaye
This week has certainly been fun and busy --so much happening-- there is never a dull moment if you use your library, so much to read and learn! We are pretty happy, the American Library Association's Campaign for American Libraries @yourlibrary.org stopped by on Friday and shared a comment which included a lovely compliment calling BFWP "great library advocates!" Thanks @yourlibrary.org! Did you celebrate National Library Week? Read all about it, click here!

What's coming this week? Think Children's Literature with a focus on picture books, now zoom in on Dr. Seuss --did you hear the news? New Dr. Seuss is coming!
"This is Dr. Seuss before his name is synonymous with children's literature. This is Dr. Seuss before we knew him well," says Phillip Nel, a children's literature professor at Kansas State University. He says the new book, The Bippolo Seed and Other Lost Stories, includes seven stories, some stronger than others, but all equally fascinating.
Listen to whole story of the The Bippolo Seed from NPR, click here for a great segment by Lynn Neary.

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