June 6, 2010

Why Read? Quotes to make it clearer.

In honor of our Two Month Anniversary we are celebrating and making a change.  From this day on our Why Read? quotes will often come from within the Books for Walls Project and may include stories from our Regular Contributors.

Witness the brilliance happening here at the Books for Walls Project, join us!

by Photobella @ Childhood in a Book Challenge
"How flat is a character that is envisioned and spit out in film as compared to the richness of picturing them in one's imagination."  Read her entire post, click here.

by John Daniels aka The Poet @ You Can't Tell a Book... By Its Movie.
In most films I see
characters who come to be;
In books, though, it's me.
We love the Haiku, give it a try!  And come back tomorrow and meet The Poet!

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