May 2, 2010

Why Read? Quotes to make it clearer.

Sunday is the day we give you a break from challenges and just leave you with a bit of inspiration.  

This week we have inspired quotes from Books for Walls Project readers, comments from Yourstory.

Today's Quotes:
"Reading is like breathing. It's what you do to stay alive."  Jolynnbarrett
"Reading to escape, to dream, to drift, to learn, to love with more degrees, to fly, to experience, to tune empathy. When you have the gift of story you have it forever." Tracey
"I love to read for so many reasons: to relax and turn my brain off of work, to learn about places and events, to live another life, to laugh, to cry, to let my imagination go free, to be in a place that only I am in."  Donna 
"So many doors open when one opens a book."  Kathy 
"I love to read just because I can. I think about how lucky I am to not have to go through life without the knowledge of a written language. It moves me to read as often as possible and to fight illiteracy in the world."  Bobbiesee
Thank you for the inspiration Dear Readers, enjoy Sunday! 

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