May 8, 2010

1,000 Words and A New Idea

We have all sorts of ideas for the Books for Walls Project.  One of them is visiting places in the world via YOU, our readers.  This thought came to the Mom while reading the New Yorker Book Bench.  There you'll find a topic titled "1,000 words."  Readers submit photos of books worth 1,000 words.

My mother takes photos of my father napping, all over the world in the most wonderful places.  I imagine by now she probably has hundreds of these photos.  Knowing he can nap anywhere gives me a certain satisfaction and knowing that my mom is at the ready with her camera, that just does my heart good.

These two thoughts together gave us the bright idea: photos of readers, reading, in strange/exotic/wonderful places --places other folks might not think to.  The Big Sister would love to see a photo of some one reading in a cafe with the Eiffel Tower in the back ground (does such a place exist we wonder?)  I would love to see a photo of a person reading with an Elephant in the background, a wild elephant...  I imagine you get the picture.

We'll work on this idea and announce some sort of challenge soon... until then enjoy these photos from the New Yorker's 1,000 Words series.  Be sure to take some challenges --by now I am sure you understand, WE LOVE HEARING FROM YOU --Start HERE!

Happy Weekend!


  1. I would like to see a picture of a person reading on a CAMEL with a trained bear in the background!

    Dictated by the Little Sister, typed by the Mom (who was laughing and laughing -leave it to the little sis to come up with that!!)

    And she just added that she wants the bear to be GROWLING!

  2. Norma GC9:16 AM

    I'll try to take care of the Eiffel tower photo next week, I don't think it's possible to do it from a cafe, I'll look for a spot but it's quite hard, around the Eiffel tower there are no cafe shops and if one goes to the nearby streets the other buldings would cover the tower, even if I go to a high place like Montmartre, I would need to find an open terrace. Anyways I'll send you something and you'll decide :).

  3. The Eiffel Tower! Paris!!

    Wow, Norma, thank you. Cannot wait to see and share the photos --most of all HAVE FUN!

  4. Love this challenge but travel in such a small radius around home, can't think of somewhere weird to pose with a book, but will work on it, especially when I go on holidays in august.