April 2, 2010

Day Two!

We are going to explore the project during the next week.  We'll tell you what we were thinking when we created certain elements and how these elements play roles in our little production.  Then next Wednesday we'll announce our first Weekly Challenge... stay tuned for more!

If you are new here, please read our Welcome (click here.)  If this is your second day with us, please tell us more about you and what you think so far.  Take another challenge, vote in the poll and explore! 

Today check out Covering the Globe --this has been a highlight for all of us.  We are learning about other countries and watching how The Books for Walls Project moves around the world.  A big surprise this morning was the "dot" in the Republic of Korea.  The Big Sister thought it would take one week to reach Asia and The Little Sister thought one month --wow, how about one DAY!


  1. The best thing this morning was the DOTS! The Hawaii dot is my favorite, the President was born there. And now I want to read the Boxcar Children!

  2. My favorite thing so far is the map! Favorite new country F-R-A-N-C-E --my Dad said "Imagine someone may be looking at our site, then pick up a book and read it in at a cafe across the street from the Eiffel Tower." Wow. My other favorite part so far is learning about people's favorite books.

  3. I am impressed by the enthusiasm in, and around, this house with regard to the blog!