March 31, 2010

With Less Than 24 Hours to Go...

We are excited. Early response, very good. Lots of smiles and laughs, even "happy tears" responses to the video.

The girls are ready to be DONE with this part, the editing, the checking, the rechecking. They are even tired of watching their own video. The Mom is frustrated, the website won't post her picture --even though it shows in her Blogger profile... as the clock ticks, we are letting some things go. Maybe one of future readers will know how to tweak and fix our photo issues. The Dad is proud and smiley. The Bean and The Mom's Dad are stopping by later, we plan to hit them up for a pre-launch check.

There are also issues with posts --MONSTER HUGE spaces, mysteriously LARGE fonts. We've learned to cut and paste into our Gmail account --which saves all the formatting, just in case. And we are learning the the Mom loves the editing, good thing.

Since, it seems folks are excited to see the page, we will launch at midnight. We'll get everything ready and then the Mom and the Dad will click on ANYBODY (while the Little and Big Sisters sleep) and make the project Public. Very exciting.

We are wondering if we still need to offer home made cookies for typos... big huge thank you to our early readers, your enthusiasm and encouragement were paramount keys to our feelings of success, we are ready to let the project go and enjoy, whatever happens!

See you in the morning!

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