March 25, 2010

We picked a launch date... the pressure is on.

We decided that we need to get serious and give ourselves a deadline to make the Books for Walls Project public.  April 1st, a fun day for sure --and then we can blame any problems on the date-- perfect

Hey you!  Wonderful early followers, can you help us?  Please add your comments, test the links, and then we just have a few pictures to add and whhhhooowh, we'll be ready. 

The Big Sister is looking at her bookshelf at the moment, picking which books for Bookshelf and First Line/Last Line Challenge, watch for her comments!  The Dad and the Little Sister have big plans too.  The Mom still has to take her behind the book picture...

We'll keep you posted!  Here, here for April Fool's Day!!  We need to find out more about the origin of such a fine day, we need some real research (maybe we'll post what we find.)

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