March 17, 2010

We Have Dots. Covering the Globe

This morning we finally understood how the maps work --they are not instant-- but updated daily.  We might look for some program to make the representation instant.  Hmmm...  

...after more research we realized that the map we selected is just fine.  We looked over their privacy statement and policies and the Mom felt like it was alright.  The current map serves the purpose of learning how many readers we have and where they are from.  And the map doesn't use cookies on our site and loads pretty quickly.  All these interesting things to learn.  We'll keep you posted if we find any problems or hang ups.  

We just upgraded and paid for services that allow us to zoom in on continents.  One problem we see with the map: Antarctica isn't represented, which made us wonder about the internet way down there --time for some research.

For now we are just giddy to have been seen on three continents:  North America, South America and Europe. Thanks Stephanie and Chris!  We posted the first map on the Covering the Globe page, for a fun reference --so that we can watch our red dots fill up the map (we are dreamers!!)

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